“One of the reasons I’m doing this is to send out a message that if you have a dream, you can achieve it.”

- Hamza Hawsawi

For the 25 year-old who won the hearts of the Middle East and the title on MBC's “X Factor” talent show, it appears music loves Hamza Hawsawi back.

Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Hamza fell in love with R&B/Soul & Pop at a very young age. His late mother was his cheering audience, his biggest influence and the first to discover his talent.

He is a self taught English speaker and learned the language through movies & music - it didn't hurt that his mom was also an English teacher.

It wasn't until 2008, at the age of 17, that he experienced life on stage. His performance at a talent show in Jeddah caught the attention of many and resulted in forming his group known as J-FAM.

From that point onward, Hamza took it upon himself to be an innovative & industry driven artist in the Middle East. Although dancing used to be his first love, he realized at that moment that singing was a dream he would make sure came true.

In 2010, he met Ayham Homsi at Go Production and the two worked on a vast collection of songs. The project was released in the form of two EPs (First Words - Vol.1&2) on Soundcloud with the singles 'You Don't Have to Go Home' & 'No One Else' receiving visual treatment.
While working on his solo material Hamza had the opportunity to work with Arabs Got Talent’s presenter/HipHop Artist, Qusai. Since then the two have collaborated on 7 songs which were included on both of Qusai’s albums.

In 2014, 300K YouTube views, over a dozen singles & collaborations with some of the region’s finest artists, endorsement from great brands & numerous shows around the Middle East and Europe, Hamza set the standards high for independent artists in the Middle East.


From the beginning of his stint on X-Factor, Hamza made his presence known. The guy with a winning smile, humble spirit and a voice smooth as silk won the hearts of many. Each week Hamza was a star that shone brightly. His infectious personality and soulful voice led him to become the winner of The X-Factor Season 4 Title in June 2015.

The journey has just begun...Hamza is currently working on his upcoming album & can't wait to share it all with his loving & supportive fans.

Through hard work and an unshakable faith, Hamza keeps fulfilling his promise to not just his mother but to himself and continues to express his growth as a musician and as an individual. For this, she is no doubt proud.